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Goat movie quotes provide the dialogue to the drama film about two brothers' experiences in joining a college fraternity. Andrew Neel directed the movie, which he, David Gordon Green and Mike Roberts adapted from a book of the same name by Brad Land. After premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in 2016, Goat opened theatrically on September 23, 2016.

In Goat, Brad Land (Ben Schnetzer) is skeptical about enrolling in college after he was assaulted. Older brother Brett (Nick Jonas) encourages him to give university a try, especially because Brett's fraternity is willing to let Brad into their pledge class. Brad agrees, and, along with friend Will (Daniel Flaherty), pledges Phi Sigma Mu.

But when the initiation deemed hell week begins to take its toll on the pledges, Brad and Will included, many begin to question whether the brutality and embarrassment involved in the rite of passage is right. This is especially difficult for Brett and Brad, who are on opposite sides of the fraternity, yet must test their loyalties between family and fraternity.

These Goat movie quotes provide a few of the lines from the film, just as other movie quotes do for other movies, such as The Dressmaker, Storks, Snowden, and Blair Witch.  

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We're Gentlemen

Mitch: This is Phi Sigma Mu, we're gentlemen.

Fraternity leader Mitch explains to the Phi Sig guys that they are gentlemen, not savages. Considering the hell week Mitch and his brothers are about to put pledges through, that statement might be debated.

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They're Not Going to Just Let You In

Brett: They're not going to just let you in here because you're my brother. You need to let them know you want to be here. 

Brett shares some insight into joining the fraternity with brother Brad in this Goat movie quote. If Brad wants to join the fraternity, he will need to work for it.

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What's the Point?

Brett: Is this pledge getting weirder? 
Dave: Pledges gotta go through hell, otherwise, what's the point?

Brett speaks up to Dave about hell week in these Goat movie quotes. His complaints are disregarded, however, as Dave explains that each pledge needs to work for his spot in the fraternity.

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Maybe You Should Just Quit

Brad: Maybe you should just quit.
Will: Dude, if you quit, you're just another guy who couldn't hack it. 

As Will continues to complaint about hell week in these Goat movie quotes, Brad wonder why he continues with something he hates. For Will, failure isn't an option.