The Best Goat Parkour on the Internet  

Ashley Reign
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Get ready for some hardcore Parkour. In case you’re not familiar, Parkour is more or less the art of running up walls, across railings, and over rooftops with Spider-Man-like ease. It's all about using the urban landscape as your personal obstacle course. And also yelling "Parkour!" a lot as you step on curbs.

Recently however, fans of the stealthy art form began to wonder exactly where this impressive skill originated. Who were the mysterious, ninja masters who developed Parkour, and why hadn’t they stepped up to claim it? We have found the answer. It's goats.

That’s right, it turns out that the secret to Bruce Lee-like badass-ery was actually developed by one of mankind’s horniest friends: the goat. You see, long before guys in tank tops were flying up walls and down pipes, goats were floating across the steepest mountains in the world. Now that humanity has finally made the connection, we thought it only appropriate to assemble a collection of GIFs that will show you why goat Parkour has become the Internet’s newest craze.

You'll see everything from Goat Parkour masters flying over fences with ease, to brand new baby Goat Parkour students on their first day of training. If you're in the mood to watch some Goat Parkour videos, you've come to the right place. Spend your day learning from the best of the best with these crazy goats and their awesome moves.

First Day on Big Kid Parkour Course

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Omg I'm up Here! Victory Dance!!
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Bring It on, Fence

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The Goat on Goat

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