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Every Daemon In 'His Dark Materials,' Ranked By How Much You Wish It Was Yours

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In Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materialseveryone born in his fantastical world is connected to a familiar-like creature known as a daemon. These creatures are an external version of who you are on the inside. Children have daemons that can change shape into anything imaginable, but once they grow up, the animals take on their final form. 

Every character in His Dark Materials has a daemon that tells the audience something about them. Witches' daemons tend to be birds because they value freedom. Lee Scoresby’s daemon is a jackrabbit and Lyra’s is a pine marten (a kind of minx), and both characters are sweet and wily. 

It's fun to think about which character’s daemon you’d have if you were born in Oxford. Vote up which daemon you’d like to call your own.