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golden globes Golden Globes Best Animated Film Nominees 2012  

Russell Barnes
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The Golden Globes Best Animated Film nominees include the best animated movie offerings of the year. This is a relatively new category for the Golden Globes, added in 2006. Since then, the category has been dominated by Pixar and Walt Disney Studios films, for the most part. The movies nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film entertained audiences and captured their imaginations with great storylines, intriguing characters and, of course, stunning animation. For the 2011 Golden Globe Awards, the nominees included "Rango," ''The Adventures of Tintin," ''Puss and Boots," ''Winnie the Pooh" and "Arthur Christmas." On January 15, 2012, the Golden Globe for Best Animated Film was awarded to "The Adventures of Tintin."

The Golden Globes Best Animated Film category can include up to five films, as decided on by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). Since the award was first given in 2007, Pixar has won every single year, for 'Cars,' 'Ratatouille,' 'WALL-E,' 'Up' and, in 2010, for 'Toy Story 3.' Some of the movies nominated in the Golden Globes Best Animated Feature Film category have gone on to garner Academy Award nominations and, in some cases, wins. 2007's 'Ratatouille,' 2008's 'WALL-E,' 2009's 'Up' and 2010's 'Toy Story 3' are all examples. Only 2006's 'Cars,' which won the Golden Globes' Best Animated Feature Film award, did not take the Best Animated Film at the Oscars (it lost to another Golden Globe nominee, 'Happy Feet').

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