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Golden Globes Golden Globes Best TV Comedy or Musical Series Nominees 2012

Russell Barnes
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The Golden Globes Best TV Comedy or Musical Series nominees feature the funniest and most entertaining television series out today. These shows explore the lighter side of life while at the same time dealing with real-life struggles that allow us to relate to the characters. That perfect balance of reality with comedy make them stand out as the best of the year and for that we love them. For the 69th Golden Globe Awards, the nominees for Best TV Comedy or Musical Series included "Glee," "Modern Family," "New Girl," "Episodes" and "Enlightened" with "Modern Family" winning the award.

Though the Golden Globe Awards date back to the 1940s, the comedy and musical series category was added in the 1970s. "The Carol Burnett Show" was the first to take home the honor and was followed by some of the best comedies to ever hit the airwaves like "All in the Family," "Taxi," "The Golden Girls," "Cheers," "Sex and the City," "The Office" and many others.

Initially, the category was dominated by sitcoms but more recently it's been joined by musicals such as "Glee," the series that follows the ups and downs of a high school glee club, which has won the award in 2009 and 2010. Similarly, networks like NBC, CBS and ABC led the pack for many years but lately, top shows from Fox, which airs "Glee," HBO, which produces the likes of "Entourage," and Showtime, which has brought us the notable series such as "Weeds," "Nurse Jackie" and "The Big C," are right up there with the broadcast giants in this category.

The writing for these shows is a big part of their success but writing alone cannot carry these shows to stardom. That's where the performers come in to create the perfect series. Those fine people get their due at the Golden Globe Awards as well with awards for the Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical Series and Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical Series. Perhaps that's the secret to great comedy, a perfect balance of great content, a funny script and superb acting that comes together to create a beautiful final product or what the Golden Globes call the Best TV Comedy or Musical Series nominees.