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Reasons Why Goldie Hawn Will Forever Be America's Sweetheart

America's sweetheart Goldie Hawn returned to acting in 2017 in the movie Snatched - her first film role in 15 years - and she’s been thoroughly missed. The beloved actress launched her fruitful career back in the ‘60s as part of Good Morning, World.  Shortly after, she appeared in sketch comedy show Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, in what turned out to be her breakout role. Known for her chipper attitude, infectious laugh, and impressive acting resume, Hawn has been in the public eye for decades. And yet, there are probably still some Goldie Hawn facts you didn't know.  

Not only is she one of the few long-term couples of Hollywood, she's a devoted mom who has won awards for her various acting roles. Goldie Hawn movies are timeless comedic classics - everything from her 1969 film Cactus Flower to the unforgettable Private Benjamin and Overboard

There are plenty of interesting facts about Goldie Hawn's life. Did you know she almost abandoned acting to become a country singer? Or that she supports child education through a foundation she runs herself? All these things prove that Goldie Hawn will forever be America's sweetheart.