Things You Didn't Know About Goldschläger

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If you've had Goldschläger before, chances are you either love it or hate it. It's a highly polarizing drink for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the gold flakes clearly floating around in the cinnamon-flavored schnapps. Nonetheless, a surprisingly small number of people actually know about Goldschläger history

The thing is, while brands like Jack Daniels and even Grey Goose have a heritage they're proud of, Goldschläger doesn't. The brand has been passed around from company to company and manufactured in a number of different places. How it's survived this long is anyone's guess.

Unlike many brands whose manufacturers release all kinds of statistics, the current owners of Goldschläger seem content to keep the mystery alive, for better or for worse. Its alluring gold flakes have inspired all kinds of wild theories. When it comes to supposed facts about Goldschläger, it can be hard to separate what's true from what's made up. Luckily, this list provides more than a few verifiable Goldschläger schnapps facts, so next time you take a swig of the golden drink, you'll know what's in store.

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    The Gold In Goldschläger Is 24 Karat

    Rest assured that you will be imbibing 24 karat gold when drinking Goldschläger.

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    The Gold Was Once Thought To Be Medicinal

    Nowadays, the gold in Goldschläger is there just for show. However, back when gold was first being put into Goldschläger and its predecessors, alchemy was quite popular.

    At the time, some people thought that gold had special healing capabilities. They believed it could aid in the treatment of different diseases and illnesses.

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    The Gold Does Not Cut Your Throat

    Among the craziest and most prevalent myths surrounding Goldschläger is that the gold inside the drink cuts your throat and thus gets you drunk faster. There are plenty of things wrong with this idea, not the least of which is that Goldschläger definitely would have been sued by now if that were the case.

    Twenty-four karat-gold is characteristically soft and dull, making it essentially impossible to cut anything. 

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    You Can Be Allergic To The Beverage

    Since Goldschlager really does contain gold, those who are allergic to gold - and therefore cannot wear gold jewelry - might also experience similar reactions when drinking the liqueur.