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'Gone' movie quotes include the best lines from this 2012 thriller starring Amanda Seyfried. In 'Gone,' Seyfried is Jill Parrish, a young woman who survived an abduction by a serial killer. When Jill's sister, Molly, goes missing, Jill becomes convinced that the killer is back. See a favorite quote from 'Gone' listed here? Vote it up. And if you have a personal favorite 'Gone' movie quote that isn't on the list, definitely add it.

Jill Parrish is in the cross hairs of a serial killer, again. At least, she thinks so. One year earlier, Jill managed to escape from the killer. She remains the only victim that managed to get free, and she thinks that now he's come back and abducted her sister, Molly. Jill springs into action, believing that the killer will murder Molly within 12 hours. In 'Gone,' Jill has to find the kidnapper/killer before he takes her sister's life. She enlists the help of police, who are skeptical: The investigators aren't convinced that the serial killer who took Jill is the same person who has Molly. With police dragging their feet, it's all up to Jill: Can she locate the killer before he kills again?

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Not Crazy

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Lt. Ray Bozeman: "You've got a crazy woman out there waving a gun..."
Officer McKay: "What if Jill isn't crazy?"

Lt. Bozeman's very concered that Jill is trying to solve this case by herself, with a gun in hand. If she shoots and kills someone, the wrong person, it's on the police's heads. But what if, just what if, Jill was telling the truth about her abduction last year? If she was, she certainly needs that gun...
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He Took My Sister

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Jill: "Someone broke into my house and took my sister."

Or did they? Police think of every possible angle except abduction - that Molly was out with a boyfriend, even. The boyfriend hasn't seen her. Molly had a huge exam the next morning, and it's not like her to just go out somewhere without letting Jill know. Someone took her.
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When He's Dead

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Powers: "Look, Jill, why don't you just go home, get some sleep?"
Jill: "I'll sleep when he's dead."

Jill is bound and determined to find her sister before she's murdered. But without help from the police, it's all on her.
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Remember Me?

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Killer: "Hello Jill. Remember me? You're the only one that got away alive. Your sister won't be so lucky."

Did the killer decide to take Jill's younger sister as payback for Jill's escape? Or does he really want to lure Jill back, so he can finish the job?