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Good Activities for 3 Year Olds

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Three year olds are filled with questions about the world around them, new ideas, and tons and tons of energy. All of which means you'll need to constantly find fresh ways to keep them occupied. But never fear – this handy list of good activities for 3 year olds is here to inspire afternoons of fun.

By now, you might be running low on ideas of activities for your son or daughter. At this age, little ones are asking every question they can imagine, like "why is the sky blue?" They're also figuring out what the letter "B" looks like, and discovering exactly how many toes and fingers they have. You'll want their activities to not only be fun, but also educational, and easy to encourage the development of motor skills. 

The activities on this list fit all of those criteria. Teach your youngster how to crawl like a bear, help him draw a paper city for his toy cars, and guide him as he sorts colored pom-poms into color groups. All of the simple, fun activities for 3 year olds are wonderful ways to keep him or her learning and growing.

So grab some art supplies, wake up your imagination, and dive into this list of educational activities for 3 year olds. Vote up your favorite activity, and the ones that keep them learning, exploring, and most of all, smiling! 
  • Photo: Sarah @ Frugal Fun for Boys / via Pinterest

    Go on a Shape Scavenger Hunt

    This activity from Frugal Fun for Boys has your 3 year old match things found around the house with the corresponding shapes that you have drawn on cardstock. 
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    Make a Popsicle Stick Photo Puzzle

    Mom Endeavors suggests making a simple puzzle out of a family photo. Mod-podge the back of a photo and apply it to some popsicle sticks. Once it dries, cut the sticks apart. Your little one will have to arrange the popsicle sticks to piece the image back together.
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    Learn Letters with Alphabet Soup

    Alphabet soup is a great way to get your 3 year old comfortable with the letters of the alphabet. Dirt and Boogers suggests an inedible alternative that uses magnetic letters and water. You can even add beans or rice to the water to make it more "soup-like." Have your child identify the letters as he or she places them in the soup. 
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    Sort Pom-Poms by Color

    Help your little one practice fine motor skills and differentiate colors by having them sort pom-poms. You can use a plastic tray or toilet paper tubes for this simple activity.
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