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Good Activities for 4 Year Olds

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The age of four is all about learning. From letters to science experiments, this list of good activities for 4 year olds will definitely keep those little hands busy and growing minds working. 

This stage of childhood involves exploring the world, but also learning some key lessons. The trick is to make that learning feel like play time by making educational activities for 4 year olds fun. This roundup includes easy – and even silly – activities like playing dress-up and putting on a puppet show, as well as more educational activities. The classic activity of making a string can phone teaches 4 year olds about sound waves, and splashing around with oil and water shows youngsters basic scientific principles.

Fun activities for 4 year olds can also help with valuable skills like reading. Play "I Spy the ABC's," create Playdough letters, or just sit back and read a chapter book together. Encouraging your child to get comfortable with reading and letters is important, but it can also be a wonderful bonding experience.

Read on to discover even more ideas for easy activities for 4 year olds. Vote up the games and crafts that you find the most fun and educational, and vote down those that don't quite make the cut.
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