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Good Actors Who Make Bad Movies Now

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List RulesVote up the Academy Award-winning or critically acclaimed actors whose projects have gone downhill lately.

It's tough to be consistently great as an actor. Sometimes, you've just got to get paid. While some Hollywood actors have a stinker of a movie role hidden among a distinguished body of work, others have really gone downhill in the last few years. Once great actors who now make bad movies range from action stars, to people considered among the best actors of all time - but they've all earned a place on this list with a string of seriously bad films, tarnishing their sparkling reputations for cinematic excellence.

The stars on this list are all actors who stopped making good movies and haven't managed to really recover. One failure leads to another, and before long, a one-time big draw at the box office has become an afterthought, a performer who is either resigned to delivering dreck to his fans, or an aging thespian who has all but given up.

It can be hard to see what's happened with some of these good actors who stopped making good movies, but with some it's quite easy to pinpoint a specific film that marks the point at which their career soured. Vote up the actors you think have really taken a turn for the worse, and vote down those who you think are still turning in great performances.
  • Great Films: Boyz n the Hood, Jerry Maguire, As Good as It Gets 

    Recent Films: Freedom, Machete Kills, Absolute Deception 

    Cuba Gooding, Jr. burst on the scene in Boys n the Hood, and eventually won Best Supporting Actor for Jerry Maguire. Then, almost immediately, he managed to destroy any credibility he earned early in his career with horrible movies. These days, the best place to find him is in direct to DVD movies.
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  • Great Films: Leaving Las Vegas, Adaptation, Raising Arizona  

    Recent Films: Left Behind, Ghost Rider, Pay the Ghost 

    Nicolas Cage gave audiences one of the most heartbreaking, fantastic performances of the '90s with Leaving Las Vegas. He has regularly turned in wild, entertaining performances. Nowadays, Cage stars in little more than straight to DVD drivel and films nobody ever heard of.
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  • Great Films: Beverly Hills Cop, 48 Hrs., Trading Places 

    Recent Films: A Thousand Words, Tower Heist, Imagine That

    The many atrocious Eddie Murphy movies these days almost erases all the good will the comedian garnered with his early success. Even his go-to animated series, Shrek, faltered with 2010's fourth entry, Shrek Forever After.
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  • Great Films: Shawshank Redemption, Mystic River, The Player 

    Recent Films: City of Ember, Green Lantern, Thanks for Sharing 

    The tall thespian used to be one of the more reliably magnetic leading men in Hollywood, winning an Oscar in 2003 for his brilliant turning Mystic River. Almost immediately, the quality of his roles began to drop, and these days his films are few and far between.
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