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15 Anime Cliches You Don't Really Mind At All

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There are plenty of tiresome tropes that fans are sick of seeing in anime. Yet amongst all the overused cliches in high school anime and sickening romance tropes in anime, there are still some pretty enjoyable anime cliches that people like. Things that happen in every anime are the scenes and sequences fans actually look forward to, and might even feel angry about if they don't happen (i.e. "What do you mean, there's no kiss under the fireworks?!").

While there is some level of predictability to these moments, they haven’t lost their charming touch, fun atmosphere, or emotional response. In many ways, these clichés are what make the anime medium stand out and are signature concepts of their respective genres. They provide a kind of romance to the storytelling of anime that fans love, and even hope for in real life. Who wouldn’t want to meet the person of their dreams amongst cherry blossoms swirling in the breeze? These clichés are the best anime has to offer - vote up the good ones that will certainly never be forgotten. 

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    Protagonists Who Never Give Up

    Photo: Naruto / Viz Media

    While this is the typical shounen hero ideology, it's one that fans buy into every time because you leave each episode feeling motivated. Naruto from Naruto, Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist, Luffy from One Piece, and many more fit this trope.

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    Sassy Supernatural Companions

    The contracted demon or spirit that becomes tied to the main character is always more energetic and charismatic than the protagonist can handle, but it makes for some good entertainment. Natsume's Book of Friends, Black Butler, and Servamp are a few examples.

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    Main Characters Sitting Near The Window

    Found in pretty much any anime ever. If you're an anime fan, don't lie - you now seek out the window seat whenever there's a chance, so you can stare outside and contemplate life.

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    The Hero Stepping In At The Last Second To Save The Day

    Always the drama kings and queens, protagonists like Benio of Twin Star Exorcists and Naruto from Naruto have a flair for getting there just in time. A little predictable maybe, but still bad*ss.

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