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15 Anime Cliches You Don't Really Mind At All

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There are plenty of tiresome tropes that fans are sick of seeing in anime. Yet amongst all the overused cliches in high school anime and sickening romance tropes in anime, there are still some pretty enjoyable anime cliches that people like. Things that happen in every anime are the scenes and sequences fans actually look forward to, and might even feel angry about if they don't happen (i.e. "What do you mean, there's no kiss under the fireworks?!").

While there is some level of predictability to these moments, they haven’t lost their charming touch, fun atmosphere, or emotional response. In many ways, these clichés are what make the anime medium stand out and are signature concepts of their respective genres. They provide a kind of romance to the storytelling of anime that fans love, and even hope for in real life. Who wouldn’t want to meet the person of their dreams amongst cherry blossoms swirling in the breeze? These clichés are the best anime has to offer - vote up the good ones that will certainly never be forgotten. 

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    Tragic Backstories

    Everyone loves tragic backstories. As long as they're well-engineered and not superficially dramatic, they add a great depth to a character. From Sasuke from Naruto to the Elric brothers in Fullmetal Alchemist, a harrowing past forges reasons for a character's determination and resolve.  

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    The Hero Going Berserk

    Rage moments are a shounen rite of passage for every hero. It's an occurrence that plagues even the most optimistic protagonist, like Gon from Hunter x Hunter, Gintoki from Gintama, and Ichigo from Bleach. While always bad*ss, they can be pretty gritty and sorrowful, too.

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    Training Arcs

    Training arcs are a break from the story without actually being a break from the story, making them all action without the pressure of anything serious. It's always exciting to see your favorite character working hard to become stronger. 

    They can be found in every major shonen and sports anime, like My Hero Academia, Fairy Tail, and Naruto.

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    Someone Sacrifices Themselves For The Hero

    There's a heartwrenching moment when someone sacrifices themselves to save the hero. But it's essential to the hero's growth, and is a recurring cliche that fans will never tire of. It not only produces feels, but it also helps the audience develop an emotional tie to the story. 

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