17 Times Anime Filler Was Actually Really Good

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It's universally acknowledged that most anime fillers suck. In fact, some people hate them so much that they skip whole arcs of long series like Bleach, One Piece, and Naruto. While there's plenty skippable filler out there, people who avoid it entirely might be missing out on some good anime filler.

Yes, it might seem unbelievable, but there's actually some genuinely good anime filler arcs and good anime filler episodes out there. While some studios are just filling time until the next chapter of the manga drops, others use the opportunity to further develop characters, fill plot holes, or just have fun. Vote up the filler episodes you love, and if you skipped some of the episodes on the list, go back and watch them – you'll be glad you did.

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  • For an 800+ episode series, One Piece actually has a surprisingly small amount of filler. Instead, they usually stretch manga plots so far you'd think the series itself ate a gum-gum fruit. When they do create original content, however, sometimes audiences are treated to an excellent collection of episodes like the G-8 Arc. 

    Why is this arc so great? First of all, it manages to develop all of the straw hats characters in only eleven episodes. Whether it's Sanji showing off his exceptional cooking skills and devotion to not wasting food, Nami proving her strategy prowess, or Luffy having to deal with a different antagonist than the physically powerful ones he typically faces, this arc has something for every character. Also, the new characters are engaging and well developed, especially the antagonist Captain Jonathan.

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  • My Hero Academia has only one filler episode, and some would argue that it's the best episode in the whole series. Everyone's Internships fills audiences in on what was going on with the rest of the UA students while Midoriya, Todoroki, and Iida were facing Stain.

    This is great, not only because it's something that viewers are legitimately curious about, but because it focuses on everyone's favorite frog, Tsuyu Asui, and her adventures at sea. Also, you get to witness Best Jeanist forcing Bakugo to straighten his hair. Who doesn't want to see that?

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  • Surprising as it may sound, the last few episodes of the first season of Noragami are, in fact, filler. That's totally okay, though, because it fits seamlessly into the rest of the show, and it actually helped explore some concepts that were otherwise only alluded to.

    Rabō, a god of calamity who used to work with Yato, shows up to try and convince Yato to give into his own calamitous nature. The drama is high and we get to see Yato's convictions be truly tested. It might be filler, but it's an excellent end to the first season.

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  • Toys In The Attic – 'Cowboy Bebop'
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    Cowboy Bebop has more filler than one might expect from a 26-episode anime but said filler is actually pretty enjoyable. One of the best episodes is Toys In The Attic. In this episode, the Bebop crew is being terrorized by an unknown "creature" that turns out to be have been attracted by a fridge full of moldy food.

    The actual fear viewers feel for the crew's safety provides a great contrast with the moment that they hurl the fridge out of the space station. The part where Ed eats the creature that everyone was so worried about also makes for a perfect ending.

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    Changeling - 'Fairy Tail'

    Changeling - 'Fairy Tail'
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    What do you get when you make the Fairy Tail Guild swap bodies with each other? A hilarious episode that will have you laughing your head off. In the anime's 19th episode, Natsu accepts a strange quest that causes the guild members to switch bodies. Seeing characters like Gray being stuck in Lucy's body made for amusing scenes. But Happy being in Erza's body takes the cake for the most ridiculous and funny event to occur in the series. It's moments like these that remind us why we love the characters.

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  • Like most long series, Bleach has a lot of filler... and it can be hit or miss. The Zanpakutō Rebellion is frequently cited as one of the best, as it focuses on the Zanpakutō – living swords that form intimate bonds with shinigami.

    In the Zanpakutō Rebellion arc, the sentient swords stop obeying their shinigami's commands. It's a great arc because it explores the concept of their agency, and it's also great because of the bad-ass fight scenes. 

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