Good Bear Comics You'll Feel Kinda Bad For Laughing At

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Are you tired of laughing at irreverent jokes and other people's misfortune? Hopefully not, because illustrator James Lecarpentier is a master at making bad things hilarious. Yes, it would suck to be sent to the Satan's lair for all of eternity, but Lecarpentier makes the situation look incredibly giggle-inducing with his popular Good Bear ComicsThe artist doesn't just make you feel bad for laughing at the prospect of hell, though. He also pokes fun at fun at beloved childhood characters like Belle and Little Red Riding Hood. If you thought those two respectable ladies couldn't find themselves in compromising situations, you'd be wrong.

The Good Bear Comics might be a little depraved, but Lecarpentier isn't jaded, not hardly. In fact, the webcomic creator loves rainy mornings, puppies, and brightening people's days. His jokes may not be PG, but the guy definitely has his heart in the right place. Whether Lecarpentier's comic characters will keep their hands in the right place, however, is an entirely different question.