Good Crafts for 3 Year Olds  

Jessica Lawshe
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List Rules Arts and crafts ideas that are appropriate for three year olds and fun to do!

The age of three is so much fun! Kids are learning colors and numbers and easy motor skills. Because of all these "new things" they're getting into, you'll want to make sure that you keep them busy with lots of activities and crafts. This list of good crafts for 3 year olds is full of colorful and creative ideas!

There are tons of craft ideas for three year olds that are not only fun, but also educational, and super easy for both you and your child! From painting with dot paint and potatoes, to crushing up old sidewalk chalk to make new art, your three year old will love the arts and crafts on this list. 

Crafts are a fun way to keep those little 3 year old hands busy. These art projects are also great educational opportunities. Learn about how a rainbow is formed as you build a rainbow mobile or create a homemade bird feeder while also talking about the different birds that live in your neighborhood. These crafts are full of opportunities to teach your three year old about the world around them.

So it's time to get creative! Check out this list of good crafts for 3 year olds and upvote the ones that are the most fun and create the most smiles!
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Paper Plate Sea Animal
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First, you'll need to cut out sea animal shapes from white paper plates. Instead of normal paint, Kiwi Crate suggests using dot paints for this craft. Your three year old can just "dot on" the paint.
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Fork Firework
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Your three year old is learning to master fork skills. This craft from Crafty Morning can help those skills along. Just grab some paint and dip the back of the fork tines in it. Then just stamp your clean sheet of paper to create fork fireworks!
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Salt Painting
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B-Inspired Mama shared this great craft: have your three year old "draw" out different shapes using glue. Next, sprinkle salt onto the glue so that it sticks. Lastly, using very watery water colors, color the salt and let your fun new shapes dry!
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Tin Foil Art
Tin Foil Art is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list Good Crafts for 3 Year Olds
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Using markers, pencils, and wax crayons, this idea from Kids Activities Blog encourages kids to try out a new form of art - using tin foil instead of paper. They can even create an embossed effect by writing on one side and then flipping over the piece of foil.
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