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Jessica Lawshe
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List Rules Arts and crafts ideas that are appropriate for five year olds and fun to do!

Good crafts for 5 year olds are ones that foster learning, the development of motor skills, and of course, lots of fun! The crafts on this list do all of those things! From easy crafts for 5 year olds to more ambitious activities they might need a little mom or dad assistance with, there's something here for every little crafter!

Five year olds love to explore, learn, laugh, and get a little messy while doing all those things. This list includes crafts that will help with all of that. Five year olds will love making binoculars out of toilet paper rolls and yarn, melting crayons, and creating images out of buttons. They'll learn scissor safety while cutting out painted handprints to make a bouquet, and learn how old keys can be recycled to create a beautiful wind chime. 

All of the arts and crafts on this list are fun and educational, but they are also easy so that your 5 year old's little hands won't get discouraged or frustrated. Best of all, the crafts on this list are great activities to keep those little hands busy when you've run out of ideas!

Check out this list of good crafts for 5 year olds, then upvote the crafts that you and your five year old love the most! Thanks to this list, you'll never be short on craft ideas for 5 year olds!
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Contact Paper Art

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This is great for 5 year olds who are becoming more skilled at cutting things with scissors. Have them cut up the straws and the frame that are used to create this contact paper art craft from Nurture Store. Place the frame onto the contact paper, cut away the access, and then you're ready to start applying the straws!
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Sculpey Finger Puppets

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All you need is some Sculpey modeling clay to create fun finger puppets just like these from The Crafty Crow. Have your 5 year old tell you some facts about their favorite animals while they sculpt them!
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Friendship Bracelets

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Make your own friendship bracelets with embroidery thread or yarn. Create a loom using foam board and reference these instructions from Kids Activities Blog.
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Craft Binoculars

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Make fun craft binoculars out of toilet paper rolls and yarn. Powerful Mothering suggests using them for bird watching once they are completed.
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