The Best Foreign Sci Fi Movies, Ranked

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Only science fiction films in language other than English. Vote up the best films.

If you're a sci-fi fan looking to broaden your cultural horizon, check out some of these foreign sci-fi movies. Sci-fi is a genre that creates alternative universes full of possibilities not viable in our present society. Not only can good foreign science fiction present you with an alternative reality, it can also reveal the customs and cultures of other countries and regions. From new foreign science fiction to well established classics, browse this list below to find some solid sci-fi films to dazzle your imagination. 

What foreign language sci-fi movies are worth your time? The 1927 German classic Metropolis is one of the first-ever full-length sci-fi film, set in a dystopian future where the ruling class thrives while the poor class suffers. Let the Right One In is another engaging foreign sci-fi movie. The Norwegian movie Trollhunter makes creative use out of the “found footage” style of film-making. Other good projects featured here include Battle Royale, The City of Lost Children, and The Host.

Which foreign sci-fi movie is the best? Help us decide by giving your favorites a thumbs up and adding any great films we may have missed. 

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