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The Best Names to Give a Husky

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Huskies are great dogs. They look positively majestic, and they are always in the mood to play. You better be ready to run around a lot because Huskies have a lot of energy they need to exert or else they'll get bored easily - which might be why so many sports teams use them as mascots. They're innately curious dogs, so they will love it if you want to go on a hike with them. Another reason why Huskies are so great is that they inspire a lot of great names. If you have just gotten one of these gorgeous pups, then you will need the perfect name to go with the perfect dog. Good Husky names are plentiful, and you will find numerous ones to choose from on this list alone. 

Huskies are an almost mytical breed. Ancient legends state that two Huskies guard the gates of heaven and will turn away anyone who was mean to a dog while on Earth. Huskies are so powerful, a small team of them can pull an entire sled. 

Whether you want a Husky for its personality or because you were a big fan of the direwolves on Game of Thrones, there is a name here you will love. This list of Husky names is approved by all dog lovers, so start voting!

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List Rules: Vote up the best, most fitting names to give your husky.