19 Stories Of Gut Feelings That Were Completely Spot-On

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Your gut instinct is there for a reason.

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    'I Don't Know What Woke Me Up...'

    From Redditor u/babybopp:

    Manager of a group home. I woke up one day at 3:33am in a cold sweat. Like something screamed at me to wake up. I felt uneasy and walked the house. Turns out a kid had woken up and gone to eat something out of the fridge. Was on the ground choking. Staff was asleep. Literally Heimlich the dude back to life. If I had been asleep 5 more minutes he would have died. To today I don't know what woke me up dead of the night like that. I am in a room on the other side of the house so no sound would have woken me up…

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    'Not Weird For Teenagers To Do, I Suppose...'

    From Redditor u/taylorink8:

    I live in Southern California and used to road bike pretty frequently. Usually in the late afternoon or evening after school during the week. I got a late start one day and as I get onto the riverbed trail, the sunset is about 20-30 min away. I have lights on my bike so riding at night isn’t an issue usually. I get to the beach at the end of the trail, which is my turning point, when I have this sense of dread and déjà vu.

    I’m heading back and the sun has set completely and we’re well into the blue hour, close to complete night. I’ve done this same ride literally hundreds of times. I know the route and how long each section takes me like the layout of my home. There are usually three different routes I take back and I decided to go the short route back. since it was later than usual and I had a weird feeling. And as I come to a short crosswalk, I see a group of 3 teenagers (I was about 22 at the time) and they’re walking down the trail in the opposite direction I’m traveling. I notice one of them is giving another a piggyback ride. Not weird for teenagers to do I suppose, but as I pass I realize it’s a girl who has blood all over her face.

    I immediately skid to a stop and turn around, they realize and start to run away and drop her. I call the police and talk to her. She was in pretty rough shape. They had beaten her up really bad and were taking her to who knows where.

    The trail had been really empty that day. Had I decided to take a different route or not been late to get out, no clue what could have happened to her.

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    'Guess I'm On My Third Life.'

    From Redditor u/blackhuey:

    Last year I was admitted to the hospital for abdominal pain. Everything seemed ok, they found gallstones, and scheduled me for a routine op the next day. I was ok on (a lot of) painkillers, no big deal, get it out and go on with life.

    I've had surgery under anesthesia before and never thought about making arrangements. But I had a weird, compelling feeling this time that I should get my affairs in order. I drafted a farewell email to my wife and kids so they'd find it in drafts, wrote down my laptop and password manager passwords on a post-it in my wallet so they'd find those too, packed everything neatly away and waited. Lay down on the table, looked the surgeon in the eye and said “I want to wake up.”

    I woke up intubated in ICU. Immediately after being anesthetized, I had responded with a massive allergic reaction and coded. In addition, the gallbladder was half dead and gangrenous, and my surgeon said it was in his top 3 most challenging cholecystectomies of his (long) career. Guess I'm on my third life.

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    'I Was Stuck, Somehow Unharmed...'

    From Redditor u/ShhEnjoy:

    Okay I have two of these but the first is why I'll always trust my gut. 

    When I was little, I always used to sleep over at my cousin's house, who had an awesome wooden bunk bed that I would sleep on the bottom bunk. When I was 7, I went over for another sleepover. We ate Chinese food with my aunt and uncle. Then, me and my cousin stayed up late playing video games before going to bed. When I was little, I used to fall asleep right away and sleep deeply. My family still jokes that not even a car going through the house could wake me up. Anyways, sometime after I've fallen asleep, I wake because I have this ridiculous feeling that I HAVE to roll over. I didn't want to because I was comfortable and sleeping how I normally do in the middle of the bed with my foot hanging off. I kept arguing with what felt like myself over rolling over until finally I did. But apparently, it wasn't enough because then I had the urge to literally cuddle as tight as I can against the wall. Since I had already rolled over, I figured why not. As I'm trying to press myself as hard as possible against the wall, the bunk bed collapses and a broken metal bar goes straight through the bed where I had been sleeping. I was stuck, somehow unharmed, in that little space against the wall until my uncle could cut me out. My cousin had fallen from the top bunk when it collapsed but was also unharmed.

    Next happened when I was 16 in the summer. I grew up in a super small town and used to walk or bike everywhere with my dog, and I was usually alone. I had the day off from work so I took a book and walked with my Labrador 4 miles to one of my favorite lakes and laid down at the beach to read a book and tan while my dog played in the water. After a few hours of being there, I noticed a rowdy group of guys, one who looked a bit familiar. It was a weekday so there was only me, my dog, and a fisherman at the landing with these guys. I tried to ignore them but noticed they kept looking over at me and whispering to each other. Then my dog, who usually will stay in the water the full time I'm there, came over and laid in between me and this group. I got a bad feeling from them and decided to cut my day short and go home. 

    I grabbed my stuff and started to walk out of there like nothing happened and this group starts to follow me. Not only do I have a bad feeling but I can tell my dog is freaked out because she keeps looking behind me and growling. This group is getting louder behind me and somehow keeping up with me which is a feat because I'm a fast walker, so I know they're doing this on purpose. I'm trying to think of a way out of this situation, knowing in the middle of the week I won't get much help from neighbors and no one's really around. So then I start to think on the one kid that looked familiar and it suddenly hits me - I know him. So I suddenly spin around and address him by name and tell him I used to change his diapers, which causes his friends to burst out laughing. I allow them close enough to walk with me to try and take control of the situation and ask him about his family and brother. They ask me what I'm doing that day and I still feel super creeped out. My dog still won't come near us, so I lie and say my brother is just up the road and I'm going to meet him. And I throw in that I'll hang back and let them walk ahead because my dog is clearly uncomfortable. I lie again and tell them she was abused by a man and hates men. They say they are going back to the beach and turn around and leave. One year later, I hear about a gruesome murder the next town over. This kid and his friends broke into his 75 year old grandpa's house, robbed him, and brutally beat and tortured him to death. The kid I knew was only 14, the friends he was with ranged from 16-23. I don't know if they were planning on doing anything to me that day but I will always trust my gut and have since.

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    'Get The Hell Out Of There!'

    From Redditor u/100aliens:

    A few years ago, a group of friends and I went out clubbing. We went into this one bar, and the moment I stepped in the door I felt a sense of dread. Every cell in my body was telling me “Get the hell out of there!” So after about 20 minutes, I convinced my friends that something felt really wrong, so we left and went home. 

    The next day, there was a news story about the club. There had been a shooting on the street in front of it and the people who had committed the shooting had been inside the club while we were there.

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    'It Something Feels Wrong, It Probably Is.'

    From Redditor u/FlamingWhisk:

    This was in the late '80s.

    I was coming home at about 2 in the morning and was walking home. Across the street, walking in the opposite direction, was a fabulously dressed up drag queen, obviously heading home from doing a show. Behind were 6 drunk chads. The energy was just “off." So I crossed the street, walked up beside her and said, “Hi, my name is [flamingwhisk] and I’ll be escorting you home.” We linked arms and strutted back to her place, with the chads making rude comments and threats the whole way. Sadly the next day, there were reports of several bashings in an area with a large LGBTQ+ community.

    The person I walked home was my friend for 25 years until their passing. My dad, tough Italian type, absolutely loved Bibi and would often give her rides home after work (he was a musician so had late hours too). In fact, when my dad got sick, she came and helped my mom look after him. And it was my dad who INSISTED that Bibi came to his funeral in full drag. We giggled the whole time because nobody could figure out how this 6ft2 Irish drag queen knew my dad. My dad had a really twisted sense of humor. They both did.

    Moral of the story - if something feels wrong it probably is.

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