Great Kids Shows For The Whole Family In 2022

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Vote up the kidsTV series airing new episodes during the 2022 calendar year that are a great watch even for adults.

Whether you don't feel bound by the idea of shows for grown-ups, or you need something good to watch with the kids in your life, the actually good kids shows of 2022 have just the thing to make a mixed-age audience happy. The best kids shows for adults don't rely on sneaky dirty jokes so much as they have hidden depths of writing and design that keep you watching. In 2022 there are some delightful examples of great shows for the family and we've got them here, ranked thanks to your votes.

The kids shows adults like often do more with their stories than present easily surmountable problems that are solved in ten minutes. The new Star Trek show, Star Trek: Prodigy, has a story that spans from Delta to Alpha Quadrant, satisfying any sci-fi nerd's needs, no matter how old they are. Do you prefer fantasy? Then Supernatural Academy is ready to admit you. Horror? Then welcome to Sulphur Springs. And, if you're just looking for something fun and cute that won't drive you up the wall after the third consecutive watch, shows like Sharkdog are a sure bet, while the songs in The Ghost and Molly McGee are actually pretty catchy.

Which of these great kids series is the best of the bunch? Which are you most looking forward to watching with kids (or on your own) in 2022? Vote up your favorites and watch as the kids TV shows the whole family will love rise to the top!