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The Best Kid-Friendly Manga Titles

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The world seen through the eyes of a child is a magical place, and there are plenty of manga for children that can help grow their imaginations. Below we're ranking the best kids manga, and we want you to vote on your top picks to help us make this list as accurate as possible. Has your child never read manga? If they are into the Sunday funnies or comic books, they'll probably love a good manga title too. They'll even get to read from right to left, which has to be stimulating to the brain in some way or another.  We've included some great kid-friendly manga options below, including Doraemon, Silver Spoon, Dragon Ball, Pokemon, and more.

Choose from the titles on this list and upvote any good manga for kids that you would recommend to other parents. You can also add any great series that may have been left out.

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