The Best Martial Arts Manga of All Time

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The pure confrontation of two martial artists has been the climax of many beloved manga series. With that being said, what's the best martial arts manga of all time in your opinion? Whether it’s the mystical showdowns of shinobi in Naruto or the historical duels of legendary swordsman Musashi in Vagabond, good martial arts manga has captivated millions of readers. Are the series mentioned above your favorites, or is there another karate manga that should top our list? We're starting the list at 40 titles, but we're hoping that fans like you will add some of their favorite manga about martial arts so that the list can grow even bigger. Who knows? Maybe a title you add will end up being number one! Please don't vote for anything that you haven't personally read. 


Most divisive: Zen Martial Arts Academy
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  • Vagabond
    654 votes

    Vagabond tells the epic tale of Shinmen Takezo's transformation into the legendary swordsman Miyamoto Musashi. Our MC goes through intense duels that combines both physical prowess and philosophical undertones, bringing to life the age-old samurai ideologies. Characters like Sasaki Kojiro, adds greater depth with their contrasting martial arts styles and philosophies.

  • Hajime No Ippo

    Hajime No Ippo is a knockout saga following Makunouchi Ippo's journey from a bullying victim to a boxing champion. It brilliantly highlights boxing as an art form by emphasizing on individual moves, showing Ippo perfecting techniques such as the daunting Dempsey Roll. With rivals like Sendou and Mashiba, the series maintains consistent tension.

  • The Breaker: New Waves showcases the path of Shi-Woon Yi after his loss of Ki-center, exploring the world of Murim with new perspective. The incorporation of Chinese martial arts elements in character designs and battle sequences, particularly MC's Black Heaven and Earth Technique is compelling. Antagonist Kang-Sung's sinister presence adds intensity.

  • Expertly capturing various martial arts forms is History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi; with Ryōzanpaku masters representing diverse combat styles. Protagonist Kenichi's encounters with Yami organization warriors integrate disciplines from jujitsu to Muay Thai rendering captivating fight scenes.

  • Holyland
    545 votes

    Holyland crafts Yuu Kamishiro's dark transformation amidst street fights. The manga doesn't just illustrate brutal fist-fights but delves deeply into psychological aspects of each distinct martial arts discipline. Villainous Shin impressively symbolizes raw power.

  • Tales of Demons and Gods
    866 votes
    Mad Snail and Jiang Ruotai

    Tales of Demons and Gods weaves Nie Li's adventure in cultivation methods, sculpting the culture of martial art practices within a mystical realm. The protagonist facing characters like Ye Zong leads to spell-binding showdowns.