Good Movies For 8 Year Olds

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This list has tons of wonderful movies for 8 year olds, ranked from best to worst by user votes. Just like the best TV shows for 8 year olds, the best movies for 8 year olds come in many forms and span many genres. Some great movies for eight year olds to watch are animated or cartoons, while other good films for eight year olds are live action. It should come as no surprise that Disney and Pixar are responsible for many of the top kids films for 8 year olds, though there are many other classic films listed here as well. All of these family movies are great for eight year old girls and eight year old boys.

What kinds of movies will you find on this best movies for 8 year olds list? Eight is a great age to introduce children to the galaxy far, far away - that is, the Star Wars franchise. The original trilogy - featuring Leia, Luke, and Han Solo - is especially entertaining for younger viewers. Back to the Future is another fun movie that an 8 year old can watch.

Combining romance and adventure, The Princess Bride has elements that will appeal to many eight year olds - and lots of good jokes for Mom and Dad to enjoy, too. Other films that are featured on this top movies for 8 year olds list include The Nightmare Before Christmas, The NeverEnding Story, and The Karate Kid.

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