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The Best Good Movies 

Carly Kiel
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List Rules Only good movies. No movies that are great, bad, or any other adjective.

Have you seen any good movies lately? Good films are what make the world go 'round. This is a list of movies that have the word "good" in the title, including compound words like "goodbye"  and "goodnight." A lot of good movies have been so good that they have made waves in Hollywood. For example, Goodfellas, A Few Good Men, and As Good As It Gets were all nominated for Tinsel Town's top honor: the Academy Award for Best Picture. So were Good Will Hunting, The Good Earth, and Good Night, and Good Luck. Also Goodbye, Mr. Chips and The Goodbye Girl. None of them won, though - but some of their actors did. Which ones? Well, Joe Pesci, Robin Williams, Richard Dreyfuss, and Helen Hunt, each for their respective starring or supporting roles.

What are the best good movies? Vote up your favorite films with the word "good" in the name, and add any good flicks that are missing.
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Goodfellas is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Best Good Movies
Robert De Niro, Samuel L. Jackson, Joe Pesci

Released: 1990

Directed by: Martin Scorsese

Goodfellas is a 1990 American crime film directed by Martin Scorsese. It is a film adaptation of the 1986 non-fiction book Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi, who co-wrote the screenplay with Scorsese. ...more

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Good Will Hunting is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Best Good Movies
Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Minnie Driver

Released: 1997

Directed by: Gus Van Sant

Watch for Free with Amazon Prime Free Trial Good Will Hunting is a 1997 American drama film directed by Gus Van Sant, and starring Matt Damon, Robin Williams, Ben Affleck, Minnie Driver and Stellan Skarsgård. Written by Affleck and ...more

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The Good, the Bad and th... is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Best Good Movies
Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, Eli Wallach

Released: 1966

Directed by: Sergio Leone

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is a 1966 Italian epic Spaghetti Western film directed by Sergio Leone, starring Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, and Eli Wallach. The screenplay was written by Age ...more

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Good Morning, Vietnam is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Best Good Movies
Robin Williams, Forest Whitaker, J. T. Walsh

Released: 1987

Directed by: Barry Levinson

Good Morning, Vietnam is a 1987 American comedy film written by Mitch Markowitz and directed by Barry Levinson. Set in Saigon in 1965, during Vietnam, the film stars Robin Williams as a radio DJ ...more

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Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Julie Benz

Released: 1997

Directed by: James L. Brooks

As Good as It Gets is a 1997 American romantic comedy film directed by James L. Brooks and produced by Laura Ziskin. It stars Jack Nicholson as a misanthropic, homophobic, racist, ...more

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Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, Jack Nicholson

Released: 1992

Directed by: Rob Reiner

A Few Good Men is a 1992 American legal drama film directed by Rob Reiner, based on the play by Aaron Sorkin. Military lawyer Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee (Tom Cruise) defends Marines accused of ...more

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Samuel L. Jackson, Geena Davis, Brian Cox

Released: 1996

Directed by: Renny Harlin

The Long Kiss Goodnight is a 1996 action film directed and produced by Renny Harlin, written and produced by Shane Black and starring Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson.

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Kevin Spacey, Jude Law, John Cusack

Released: 1997

Directed by: Clint Eastwood

Watch for Free with Amazon Prime Free Trial Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil is a 1997 American drama film directed by Clint Eastwood, and an adaptation of the book of the same name by John Berendt, which was based on real-life ...more
A Good Day to Die Hard ... is listed (or ranked) 9 on the list The Best Good Movies
Bruce Willis, Patrick Stewart, Anne Vyalitsyna

Released: 2013

Directed by: John Moore

This film is a 2013 action thriller film written by Roderick Thorp and Skip Woods and directed by John Moore.

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Jennifer Aniston, Zooey Deschanel, Jake Gyllenhaal

Released: 2002

Directed by: Miguel Arteta

The Good Girl is a 2002 comedy-drama film directed by Miguel Arteta from a script by Mike White, and stars Jennifer Aniston, Jake Gyllenhaal and John C. Reilly.

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Greer Garson, John Mills, Paul Henreid

Released: 1939

Directed by: Sam Wood

Goodbye, Mr. Chips is a 1939 British romantic drama film directed by Sam Wood and starring Robert Donat and Greer Garson. Based on the 1934 novel Goodbye, Mr. Chips by James Hilton, the film is ...more
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Daniel Brühl, Chulpan Khamatova, Florian Lukas

Released: 2003

Directed by: Wolfgang Becker

Good Bye, Lenin! is a 2003 German tragicomedy film. Directed by Wolfgang Becker, the cast includes Daniel Brühl, Katrin Saß, Chulpan Khamatova, and Maria Simon. Most scenes were shot ...more
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Robert Downey Jr., Uma Thurman, Jennifer Tilly

Released: 1988

Directed by: Bud S. Smith

Johnny Be Good is a 1988 American comedy film directed by Bud Smith, starring Anthony Michael Hall as the main character, Johnny Walker. The film also features Robert Downey Jr., Steve James, ...more

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Richard Dreyfuss, Marsha Mason, Powers Boothe

Released: 1977

Directed by: Herbert Ross

The Goodbye Girl is a 1977 American romantic comedy-drama film. Directed by Herbert Ross, the film stars Richard Dreyfuss, Marsha Mason, Quinn Cummings, and Paul Benedict. The original ...more

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elliott Gould, Henry Gibson

Released: 1973

Directed by: Robert Altman

The Long Goodbye is a 1973 neo-noir film directed by Robert Altman and based on Raymond Chandler's 1953 novel of the same name. The screenplay was written by Leigh Brackett, who cowrote the ...more
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George Clooney, Robert Downey Jr., Jeff Daniels

Released: 2005

Directed by: George Clooney

Good Night, and Good Luck. is a 2005 American drama film directed by George Clooney and starring David Strathairn, Clooney, Robert Downey, Jr., Patricia Clarkson and Jeff Daniels. The movie was ...more

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Angelina Jolie, Robert De Niro, Alec Baldwin

Released: 2006

Directed by: Robert De Niro

The Good Shepherd is a 2006 spy film produced and directed by Robert De Niro and starring Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie and De Niro, with an extensive supporting cast. De Niro also produced it with ...more

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Shaquille O'Neal, Carmen Electra, Linda Cardellini

Released: 1997

Directed by: Brian Robbins

Good Burger is a 1997 American comedy film directed by Brian Robbins and starring Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. The film evolved from the comedy sketch "Good Burger" featured on the ...more

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Raymond Ochoa, Jack Bright, Sam Elliott

Released: 2015

Directed by: Peter Sohn

The Good Dinosaur is a 2015 American 3D computer-animated comedy-drama adventure film directed by Peter Sohn. In a fictional Earth in which dinosaurs never became extinct, a young Apatosaurus ...more

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Macaulay Culkin, Elijah Wood, David Morse

Released: 1993

Directed by: Joseph Ruben

The Good Son is a 1993 American psychological thriller film directed by Joseph Ruben and written by English novelist Ian McEwan. The film stars Macaulay Culkin and Elijah Wood.

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Russell Crowe, Marion Cotillard, Abbie Cornish

Released: 2006

Directed by: Ridley Scott

A Good Year is a 2006 British romantic comedy-drama film, set in London and Provence. Directed by Ridley Scott, starring Russell Crowe, Marion Cotillard, Didier Bourdon, Abbie Cornish, Tom ...more
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Pierce Brosnan, Helen Mirren, Bob Hoskins

Released: 1980

Directed by: John Mackenzie

The Long Good Friday is a British film starring Bob Hoskins and Helen Mirren. It was completed in 1979 but, because of release delays, it is generally credited as a 1980 film. It was voted at ...more
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Luise Rainer, Paul Muni, Keye Luke

Released: 1937

Directed by: Sidney Franklin, Victor Fleming, Gustav Machatý

The Good Earth is a 1937 American drama film about Chinese farmers who struggle to survive. It was adapted by Talbot Jennings, Tess Slesinger, and Claudine West from the play by Donald Davis and ...more
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Kirsten Dunst, Ryan Gosling, Kristen Wiig

Released: 2010

Directed by: Andrew Jarecki

All Good Things is a 2010 drama mystery romance thriller film written by Marcus Hinchey and Marc Smerling and directed by Andrew Jarecki.

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teddybear1029 added Will Ferrell, Gina Gershon, Jeremy Piven

Released: 2009

Directed by: Neal Brennan

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard is a 2009 comedy film directed by Neal Brennan, starring Jeremy Piven and Ed Helms. The film was released on August 14, 2009.