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"Good People" tells the story of what happens when a married couple finds a boatload of drug money in their home. Based on a novel of the same name by Marcus Sakey, the thriller was directed by Henrik Ruben Genz using a screenplay adapted by Kelly Masterson. "Good People" opened in the United States on September 26, 2014.

In "Good People," Tom (James Franco) and Anna Wright (Kate Hudson) are a hardworking and well-meaning American married couple living in London trying to pursue their dreams of home ownership. They find themselves deep in debt having taken out loans to fix up their home and rented out their basement to a man to help make ends meet. So one day when they find their tenant dead and hundreds of dollars of drug money left behind, they make the decision to spend the money to help them get out of debt.

But with the police, including Detective John Halden (Tom Wilkinson), investigating the death, due to a drug overdose and a drug lord (Omar Sy) coming after them for the cash, they soon live to regret using the money. With few good options to keep their home without getting shot or arrested or worse, Tom and Anna are put in a very delicate situation.

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220,000 Pounds, So What Do We Do?
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Anna: "I can't believe he was down here the whole time."
Tom: "Anna"
Anna: "What? … Oh my god, Tom"

Tom: "220,000 pounds, so what do we do?"

Tom and Anna make a startling discovery in their basement when they find their tenant dead. On a better note, they also found that the tenant left 220,000 pounds in their house for them to find.
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I Spent Some of the Money
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Tom: "Anna"
Anna: "Yeah?"
Tom: "I spent some of the money."
Anna: "What?"
Tom: "The day we found ben, the landlord gave us an eviction notice. I was going to tell you but you were in such a good mood and it was sushi night, then we found the money. I took just enough to keep the roof over our heads. Look, we're in this. As soon as we put the money in the oven and we didn't take it out, we were in this. If we don't start paying off the mortgage, we're going to lose the house."
Anna: "How do we do this?"

Tom admits to Anna that he spent some of the money they found. He explains that he didn't see any option as if he didn't use the money, they would have been out on the street.
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The Team Downstairs Is Looking for Evidence
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Detective John Halden: "So, Mrs. Wright, how are you liking London?"
Anna: "Anna, please, I'm a schoolteacher at Morningside primary school."
Detective John Halden: "My wife runs a clinic just down the street from there."
Anna: "The Sterling House, that's a women's shelter, right?"
Detective John Halden: "Yeah, they look after young women with drug addiction, take them off the streets. The government has pulled their funding but they are hanging in there. My wife, Marie, isn't one for giving up. Anyhow, so, thank you for the tea, it is very good. How long have you been renting the room downstairs?"
Tom: "Um, not long, I mean, we just did it cause we needed help with the rent."
Anna: "Three months, maybe"
Tom: "Yeah"
Detective John Halden: "And he always paid by cash? Did you find this odd?"
Tom: "No, not really, no"
Detective John Halden: "Did he, um, did he have any visitors?"
Anna: "Uh, he really kept to himself, I mean, he didn't have much, no. He watched a lot of television."
Tom: "That's true, very loud."
Detective John Halden: "Did, um, did you find anything unusual about him? When you, um, discovered the body, did you find anything else?"
Anna: "Um"
Detective John Halden: "Well, now, the reason I ask is the initial police report suggested he died of a drug overdose and the team downstairs is looking for evidence that he may have kept drugs there."
Tom: "No, we had, we had no idea."
Detective John Halden: "Well, it's just routine, for your own safety."

Tom and Anna are nervous when the police come to their home to look for clues. They have the money they found hiding in the oven, just inches away from the detective, which isn't helping their nerves.
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This Could Be Really Bad Money
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Tom: "The cops came. They didn't find anything. I say we just hide it and wait a week."
Anna: "Two weeks"
Tom: "The mortgage, the credit cards, we use cash where we can."
Anna: "This could be really bad money."
Tom: "I know, but what makes money bad? The people make it bad, not the money, what people do with it."

Tom and Anna discuss if they should use the money left by their dead tenant and once they agree to use it, after a wait, they set out some ground rules.
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