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12 Pretty Good Werewolf Movies That Are Actually Deep Metaphors

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Our culture has a fascination with werewolves. These mythical creatures have been the focus of legends for hundreds of years, and there have been countless books, films, and television series that depict werewolves in all their ferocious might. A wolf isn't always a wolf however, and werewolves are often used as stand-ins for various social issues. Many werewolf stories are allegorical, using the werewolf as more of a metaphor than a monster. 

Werewolf movies are no exception, and pretty much every werewolf in cinema has some kind of metaphorical undertone to it. Sometimes, a werewolf stands in for a forbidden lover or the danger of traveling to a new country. Themes as broad as "coming of age" or as specific as the corruption of the Nixon administration have also been thoroughly explored in werewolf films, even if you weren't consciously aware of the point. 

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