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Clear Evidence That Goofy Is The Single Best Father In All Of Disney

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There can be no doubt that Goofy is one of the best cartoon characters on TV. Both A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie are probably some of the best cartoons of all time. That's partly some millennial nostalgia, but it's also that they're so heartwarming to watch. Goofy is an amazing role model and an even better father. That he cares for his moody son Max as a single father and still manages to show kindness and compassion at the hardest of times makes him an aspirational figure for fathers everywhere. 

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    He Works A Crappy Job To Keep A Roof Over His Son's Head

    Goofy has worked a few jobs to keep his son fed and happy. In A Goofy Movie, he's a child photographer working under a terrible boss, Pete. In An Extremely Goofy Movie, he's moved on to become a toy factory lineman, no doubt to be able to put Max through college.

    In both jobs, he's laboring under strenuous conditions with a tyrant for a boss - all the while never letting Max see him suffer.

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    He's Caring And Supportive Of Max's Dreams

    When Goofy finds out that Max promised a girl he'd be on stage at the big Powerline concert, he steps into action. After a debacle involving a waterfall, Goofy sneaks his son into the show and gets him on stage, abandoning his own dream of going fishing with his boy.

    In the end, it ends up bringing them closer together, and earns Max some bonus points after Roxanne notices him.

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    He Puts His Son's Emotional Wellness First

    No matter what happens in An Extremely Goofy Movie, Max is always at the forefront of Goofy's thoughts. When Goofy starts dating again, his first instinct is to let Max know and check in with how he feels about it. When the X Games start driving a wedge between them, he drops his fraternity team to support his son.

    Growing up so loved has to be why Max always comes to the realization that what matters most is the people around him - especially his dad.

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    He Doesn't Blame His Son For His Teenage Angst

    When Max lashes out at Goofy for taking him on the father-son trip in A Goofy Movie, Goofy doesn't respond with defensiveness or cruelty. He's clearly hurt by his son's behavior, but he's not the type of person (or sentient humanoid canine) that feels the need to return the favor.

    It's only because of this patience that he and Max are able to open up about their feelings later in the movie and become closer because of it.

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