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'A Goofy Movie' Fan Theories That Just Might Be True

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A Goofy Movie is a bonafide cult classic, especially for the millenials who grew up with it. Goofy's first movie showed the world a different side of this beloved goofball, focusing on his role as a father to his son Max. The film gets pretty emotional at times as we watch Goofy struggle with the concept of his son growing up and developing a life of his own, but it's still a hilariously good time that's as fun as you'd expect from a character like Goofy.

Fans of the film have a lot to say about it, even going as far as crafting elaborate theories. Everything from Goofy's absent wife to his love of gloves is addressed in these theories, but not all of them seem particularly plausible. Which theories make the movie better, and which ones are just plain goofy?

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    The Date Max Has To Cancel Was Going To Be Roxanne's First Date Ever

    Redditor /u/wheelchairsex has a theory about Roxanne that explains why she's so upset with Max when he tells her he has to go on a trip with his dad instead of the date they had planned.

    While she almost breaks up with him over the issue, the theorist explains that she's only about 14 at the time of the movie. Mix that with the fact that she seems a bit insecure and has an extremely overbearing father, and it's possible that she has never been on another date in her life. This is why she is so hurt by Max bailing on their date - it's a really special event for her and she is crushed.

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    Pete Is Jealous Of Goofy And Max's Relationship

    Redditor /u/Chengweiyingji posted a theory about two minor characters in the film, Pete and PJ. As another father-son duo, they are direct foils of Goofy and Max. While Goofy and Max have a loving if occasionally strained relationship, Pete's relationsip with his son is all about fear and respect.

    Pete constantly insults the boy and makes him do ridiculous tasks, and he seems proud of that fact. He seems to be aware that PJ appears to fear him more than love him, and there are hints that this bothers him. He constantly tries to validate their relationship to Goofy, and it seems like he might secretly be jealous of Goofy and Max's relationship.

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    Roxanne Grows Up To Be An Accountant

    Redditor /u/NotMeanttoKnow believes they've figured out what happens to Max's love interest, Roxanne, years after the events of the movie. There is a scene in the Ducktales reboot that shows Donald Duck applying for an accountant job.

    Directly next to him is a woman who looks a lot like Roxanne, just slight older. This would make sense since the new Ducktales came out way after A Goofy Movie, so it's possible that Roxanne got the job and is now an accountant.

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    Goofy's Wife Perished In A Car Accident

    We don't know a lot about Goofy's wife, other than that she's not present in the film. This theory posted to DeviantArt by user VexenRandomDrawerGuy suggests that she may have perished in a car wreck.

    Goof Troop, the TV show on which the movie is based, states that Goofy's wife has passed. In another cartoon, we learn that his wife was incredibly goofy and also a bad driver. This could explain her passing, since it's possible she got into a car accident.

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