'A Goofy Movie' Fan Theories That Just Might Be True

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A Goofy Movie is a bonafide cult classic, especially for the millenials who grew up with it. Goofy's first movie showed the world a different side of this beloved goofball, focusing on his role as a father to his son Max. The film gets pretty emotional at times as we watch Goofy struggle with the concept of his son growing up and developing a life of his own, but it's still a hilariously good time that's as fun as you'd expect from a character like Goofy.

Fans of the film have a lot to say about it, even going as far as crafting elaborate theories. Everything from Goofy's absent wife to his love of gloves is addressed in these theories, but not all of them seem particularly plausible. Which theories make the movie better, and which ones are just plain goofy?