18 Rare Photos of Victorians Just Goofing Off And Being Real People

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Many perceive the Victorian era as boring, ugly, and overly serious. The women stayed at home, wrapped in confining corsets hidden beneath several layers of heavy fabric and petticoats; men were usually decked out in waistcoats and ultra-shined patent-leather shoes. Given the constant discomfort Victorians undoubtedly experienced, many expect that Victorian photography will depict stone-faced, puritanical subjects, grimacing through repression and unnecessary fashion choices.

Some lesser-known photographic evidence, however, proves that Victorians acting silly not only happened, it looks a lot like funny pictures seen today. Despite popular notions of the mid- to late-19th century and early-20th century, the age of Queen Victoria – and early photography – was much more complex than some might think.


  • 1. Victorian Women Making A Snow Lady

  • 2. Trying To Hold It Together In A Photo Booth Montage

    Trying To Hold It Together In A Photo Booth Montage
    Photo: u/primal-chaos / Reddit
  • 3. Something Smells Funny

    Something Smells Funny
    Photo: u/ArjunReddyDeshmukh / Reddit
  • 4. Tsar Nicholas II Acting Silly

    Tsar Nicholas II Acting Silly
    Photo: u/DosGrandeManos / Reddit