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Google Easter eggs are the funny, quirky and sometimes just plain weird hidden features built into Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps and other Google products. They have a keen fondness for marking special occasions, and a decorated history of April's Fool's pranks. If there was ever any doubt, let me quell it now: Google has one hell of a sense of humor.

For many of Google’s Easter eggs, the search engine acts more like a command prompt and tends to take things a bit too literally. Fret not, the results are often as hysterical as they are clever. Search for “anagram,” and it will turn up with the anagram of “anagram” in the “did you mean” section. Feel like taking a break from work to play some Pac-Man? They’ve got you covered, and you don’t even have to leave your search results.

Yes, it’s true, Google is essentially Skynet at this point. But for all of their might and despite every indication of “BIG EVIL CORPORATION,” you just can’t help but love Google. Maybe that’s part of their marketing strategy. Maybe all of these Easter eggs are just ways to keep us thinking that they’re human while the machines over in Mountain View ready the harvesters. Maybe so. But in the meantime, who doesn’t love a good Easter egg hunt. Feel free to vote for your favorite Google secrets, and make sure to share the article so the robots think you’re on their side. 

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Google's Version of Pac-Man

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Photo: via Tumblr
Search for "pac man" -- specifically without the hyphen --  and a playable in browser version of Pac-Man pops up.
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Super Mario Bros. Coin Box

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In honor of the 30th anniversary of the iconic Super Mario Bros. franchise, Google has added an interactive coin box from the game that you can click to make coins appear. To active this easter egg, simply search for "Super Mario Bros" on Google.
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The Google Gravity Experiment Yields Some Intereresting Results

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Click on this link to access the Chrome Experiment called "Google Gravity," to unleash some rather interesting search effects. 

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The TARDIS in Google Maps

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I have walked past this freaking police box at least 20-30 times in my life and never knew the significance it held. I was studying abroad in London during my junior year of college, and suddenly developed a bit of a bad back. Seeing as I was more or less stuck in the UK for the foreseeable future, I started regularly visiting a chiropractor whose office was a short walk from the Earl's Court tube station. If only I'd known to take out my phone and peer inside it.