48 Totally Weird Medical Drawings Google Thinks You Need

So maybe you think you have ringworm. What do you do? You Google it, of course. UTI? Google. A stye? Google, please help. Well, Google heard your cries and frantic keyboard typing, so in early 2015, they started including medical facts in their "Knowledge Graph" (cool lingo, Google!), which is the first thing that grabs your eye on search results, all that helpful info packed into a box on the upper right corner of the page. But do you want to hear the best part of this news? They commissioned artwork from licensed medical illustrators (which is a thing you can be when you grow up, kids!), and these health illustrations are (accidentally) so funny. 

Looking for things to google? Here you go, kiddos! The Knowledge Graph works great for searches like "weather Los Angeles," "Stairway to Heaven lyrics," or "Eddie Murphy kids," but what does it look like when you have a stye? It looks like a cool cat in a hat and a necklace (on a man!). How do you know if you have mono? You're lying on the couch with your eyes half-closed, wearing a scarf. A pimple? You're squinting and putting on mascara. Good to know! These weird medical illustrations feature all kinds of sick people making funny faces for your enjoyment and education.

Next time you are awake at 2 a.m. Googling your minor symptoms and convincing yourself you have meningitis, don't be scared by these creepy medical drawings that Google thinks might help your amateur medical research. That picture of the woman, stricken with arthritis during a lovely autumn walk, is here to help!  

Until you are stricken with a mystery illness that only Google disease drawings can help you self-diagnose, upvote the weirdest and most absurd Google medical illustrations in the Google knowledge graph below. Then go see how many years of school it takes to become a licensed medical illustrator. Maybe that is the career for you!