12 Things You Should Never, Ever Google - Animal Birth Edition

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The Internet is home to a seemingly endless stream of images from across the globe. So, naturally, there are countless things on Google you should not search for your own personal inner peace, animal births being one of them. While not everyone can be at a farm, zoo, or natural habitat to experience the miracle of animal life, they can look up photos with a few clicks. But be careful – what you'll find will be educational, but it will also scar you. It takes really gross animal births to bring those cute baby critters into the world.

Some creatures, like giraffes and goats, have undeniably weird live births. And then there are animals like toads. You truly haven't lived until you've seen a proud parental toad pop an egg sack full of babies out of its back. There are some things you should seriously not go searching for if you want to keep your lunch.

Photo: skepticalview / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0