20 Goonies Trivia Facts Everyone Should Know

When you think iconic kid's movies, you probably think The Goonies and when you think of '80s movies you also think The Goonies. Why? Because it's one of those rare movies that supersedes both its genre and time period. It became an instant classic that we'll forever reference and have no problem re-watching... over and over again. But what Goonies trivia and fun Goonies facts should you know in order to be a true fan?

If you grew up loving The Goonies, there are surely scenes and quotes from the movie that crept their way into your day-to-day vocabulary in an almost subconscious way. When you shout out "Hey, you guys!" to your friends, do you awkwardly draw it out in homage to Sloth? What would the world be like without the Truffle Shuffle? What if we didn't know that Goonies never say die? Where would our sense of adventure and treasure map hunting come from if this piece of childhood magic never existed?

It's high time to revisit Sloth, Mouth, Chunk, Data, and the rest of the gang and look back at some fun facts you may not know about The Goonies!

  • That Water Slide Was Real

    Remember the water slide the Goonies rode to get into the cave with One-Eyed Willy's ship? Not only was that water slide real and functioning, but the cast and crew (including Richard Donner himself) would sneak in after hours to take it for a spin.

  • The Gang's Excitement for the Ship Was Candid

    Director Richard Donner wanted an authentic reaction from the kids when they saw Willy's ship for the first time. So, the very first time any of them saw it was when they come across it in the film. Unfortunately, the initial reaction had to be reshot because so many of them swore in excitement.


  • There's a Reason Data Spells Out "S-H-I-T"

    When Data falls from the ceiling of the cave he screams out "holy s-h-i-t" (he literally spells it out). Adorably, this was because he promised his mother he would not curse in the film.

    Source: The Chive
  • There's a Reason One-Eyed Willy Looked So Real

    One-Eyed Willy was a real human skull! He now permanently resides in Richard Donner's home (next to the model of the pirate ship).

    Source: Mashable
  • There's a Gremlins Reference in the Film

    When Chunk is talking to the police on the phone, the cop says, "Just like that last prank, about all those little creatures that multiply when you throw water on them." A clear, but subtle reference to another '80s classic, Gremlins.

    Source: Mashable

  • Sloth Played for the NFL

    John Matuszak, the actor who played Sloth, was an NFL defensive lineman who played for the Oakland Raiders until 1981. This is why he wore a Raiders shirt in the movie. He also donned a Superman shirt in honor of director Richard Donner's 1978 film, Superman.

    Source: The Chive