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Which GOP Candidates Will Be the Best for White Men?

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List RulesVote up the 2016 GOP Candidate who will best allow white dudes to continue prospering.

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2016 Republican presidential candidates have to appeal to women and minorities more than ever. But they also need to remember who their biggest constituency is: white men. GOP candidates are all offering various plans to cut taxes, roll back benefits for the poor, and increase military spending - and these are all things that will enrich the lives of white men, by and large.

While the Democratic Party has gone to great lengths over the last few decades to diversify, the Republican Party really hasn't - and polling numbers from the last few elections bear this out. So will Donald Trump be the best candidate to help keep the patriarchy's grip on the country? Or will it be Marco Rubio? Maybe Carly Fiorina will be best for white men, despite not being a man. Or, maybe they're all equally suited to help white dudes keep on keeping on.

Here's your chance to vote up the GOP candidate running in the 2016 election who will be best for white men. And unlike the real election, you can vote for more than one.