Graveyard Shift The Only Thing More Terrifying Than Gory Makeup Is Watching It Being Removed  

Jonah Dorrance
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If gory makeup tutorials and cosmetic destruction videos aren't enough to quench your thirst for atypical beauty trends, perhaps watching these special effects artists remove SFX makeup will do the trick. The process oddly satisfies beauty fans and horror enthusiasts alike, with these videos garnering thousands of views daily.

The festering textures of the faux wounds below might be a bit much for the casual viewer to stomach, but remember, no artists were harmed in the removal of this intense horror makeup! As excruciatingly vivid as they might be, the videos are not real. Several recordings state this explicitly with a notice in their respective captions, so as not to completely freak out their followers. It’s also important to note that many SFX makeup channels provide safe and reliable ways to remove makeup like this. There is an art to taking it off, just as there is an undeniable art to applying it in the first place.

These special effects pros are awesome all year, but with Halloween right around the corner they provide especially ghoulish inspo for grotesque costumes that will scare the sh*t out of anyone.

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A Handy Removal Tutorial


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This Week On The SFX-Files

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A Waxer's Greatest Fear


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A Jaw-Dropping Removal

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