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Unbelievably Gorgeous (And Realistic) Pokémon Paintings Better Than Anything You'll See In A Museum

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The Pokémon franchise is famous for bringing the world a cast of loveable video game, anime, and manga stars, whose unforgettable faces have been the prized poster children for Nintendo ever since their arrival. Going forth from its creation in the '90s, artists have been pumping out wonderful works of fan art in their homage, and now, they can be seen on all corners of the net.

In a beautiful flurry of astounding pop-art, these realistic Pokémon paintings by the talented artist dekunobou-kizakura portray fan-favorite, pocket-dwelling monsters as portraits so pristine, they belong on the walls of a fine art gallery.

Thanks to a whole lot of creativity and skill, paintings of Pokémon give your childhood friends an upgrade in the best way. The deceptively realistic Pokémon fan art that dekunobou- kizakura has created completely redesign the bubbly and colorful creatures with glorious shading and gritty textures, giving the iconic monsters from the Pokémon franchise the high definition makeover they deserve.

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