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Gorgeous Racebent Harry Potter Fan Art

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If you're a true fan of the Harry Potter series and you've familiarized yourself with all of J.K. Rowling's HP reveals, then you know that the author is hardly afraid of diverse characters. Some people vehemently deny that Hermione Granger could've been a different ethnicity and that Harry could've been a different a gender, but that stubbornness is quite dated. In fact, genderbent fan art is becoming increasingly popular. It's popping up all over the web.

Racebent characters are slightly less common in the Wizarding World, but the fandom did see a flurry of the new Harry Potter fan art when Black English actress Noma Dumezweni began portraying Hermione in play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. For some fans and artists, the colorblind casting marked an important moment in entertainment history. Beloved characters were finally given a bit of color in the mainstream media. It's unsurprising that racebent HP characters are becoming so popular.