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The All-Time Goriest Scenes From Non-Horror Movies

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When you go to the theater to see a prestige film the last thing you’re expecting to see is someone get their head smashed in, but time and time again there’ve been super gross movie scenes in Academy Award winning films. Of course, a movie doesn't have to be a distinguished picture to surprise you with disturbing scenes.

Viewers have been conditioned to expect gruesome scenes from horror movies. That genre thrives on blood and guts, but that doesn't mean that movies with gory scenes have to have ghosts and goblins. In fact, many bloody scenes from non-horror movies are actually much more affecting than their scary movie counterparts.

When a brutal scene comes of out nowhere it can be much more affecting than a torture scene in the fifth Saw movie. In fact, some of the scenes on this list are considered to be impossible to watch all the way through without pausing the movie to give your brain a break.

  • It's hard to pick a particular moment in Oldboy that's the "goriest." This Korean neo-noir film follows a man named Dae-su who's kidnapped and kept in an apartment for 15 years before being released seemingly at random. As Dae-su tries to figure out who captured him and why, he gets his revenge on everyone who's tangentially connected to his mysterious captor.

    Gangsters have their teeth pulled out, a guy gets his hand cut off, and there's a wicked one take hallway fight, but none of those things compare to the film's painful climax. When Dae-su discovers why his captor kept him locked away for 15 years he cuts out his own tongue and pretends to be a dog. 

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  • Mel Gibson must really love gore. He probably has an entire collection of Faces of Death hidden behind a bookshelf in one of his many villas. Even if you're not interested in the religious tale on display in The Passion of the Christ you have to watch the crucifixion scene. That is, if you can stomach the pure brutality on screen. 

    Jesus is whipped so hard that his skin peels off, he's covered in more blood than any scream queen, and then there are the nine-inch nails that are driven through his hands. The realism at play here is gruesome. You'll definitely need a puppy gif break after you watch this scene. 

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  • Martin Scorsese is a master of mixing humor and violence in ways that continue to surprise his audience. After the FBI swoops in and arrests all of the mob bosses in Las Vegas, Nicky (played by Joe Pesci) and his brother Dominick (Philip Suriano) are taken to a field to be eliminated so they can't testify against anyone in a court case. However, Nicky doesn't know this and only finds out mid-narration. It's an incredibly funny moment that belies the violence that follows. 

    First, Nicky is held down and forced to watch as his brother is beaten to death by a bunch of goons, and then he's beaten almost to death before being buried while he's still breathing. 

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  • Photo: MGM

    Even though he's in almost every scene of RoboCop, Officer Murphy (Peter Weller) doesn't last very long in the movie. After Murphy and his partner track Clarence Boddicker (Kurtwood Smith) and his gang to a Detroit steel mill, the gang makes a game out of blowing almost every body part off of Murphy. 

    The scene sees the gang shoot off one of Murphy's hands and arms before shooting him through the head. The moment is almost topped later when one of the gang members (Paul McCrane) is dunked in toxic sludge which causes him to melt. As if that weren't bad enough, he's then splattered across the windshield of a car. 

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