The All-Time Goriest Scenes From Non-Horror Movies

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When you go to the theater to see a prestige film the last thing you’re expecting to see is someone get their head smashed in, but time and time again there’ve been super gross movie scenes in Academy Award winning films. Of course, a movie doesn't have to be a distinguished picture to surprise you with disturbing scenes.

Viewers have been conditioned to expect gruesome scenes from horror movies. That genre thrives on blood and guts, but that doesn't mean that movies with gory scenes have to have ghosts and goblins. In fact, many bloody scenes from non-horror movies are actually much more affecting than their scary movie counterparts.

When a brutal scene comes of out nowhere it can be much more affecting than a torture scene in the fifth Saw movie. In fact, some of the scenes on this list are considered to be impossible to watch all the way through without pausing the movie to give your brain a break.

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