The Bloodiest Video Games of All Time

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Bloody, excessively violent video games can be like cult classic movies - they may have caused controversy, disgust, and moral indignation when they were released, but now they have a place in all of our hearts. Gory games with plenty of blood splatters provoke the usual uproar over video game violence. Gamers know, though, that a little extra blood can make a satirical point or simply up the fun factor.

Few things in gaming are more satisfying than a blood-spattering Gears of War headshot, although ripping through bodies with demon-arms in The Darkness II is pretty darn close.

Over time, pixellated gore can lose its edge and look quaint. Even the old school video games on this list, however, still have the power to shock. While newer games like Manhunt 2 or Left 4 Dead surprise and shock with high-definition violence, the classic arcade dismemberment of Soldier of Fortune will leave your jaw on the floor. 

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