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The Most Shockingly Gory Moments in Attack on Titan

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Vote up the scenes that were shockingly gory, even for Attack on Titan.

This list is full of gory Attack on Titan scenes, so it isn't for the faint of heart. Anyone who has seen the anime will probably remember the bloody carnage from one too many Titan attacks on the cities that lie inside of humanity's last walls against the giant, man-eating creatures. And, in case you missed a particularly gnarly death or wanted to block it from your memory, Attack on Titan will certainly be sure to remind everyone about it, because they'll fill you in with plenty of flashbacks from every time a Titan rips someone to shreds.

But what else should be expected from an anime about fighting giant Titans that are destroying mankind? Even the title cover doesn't hesitate to let the audience know that things are about to get pretty messed up. Vote up the times when Attack on Titan gore reached an all-time high.