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The Goriest, Most Brutal Moments in Frank Miller's Graphic Novels

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Frank Miller is often heralded as one of the most influential voices in comics ever. He wrote the groundbreaking The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel, which is praised as one of the best Batman stories ever - a graphic novel that helped break the old shackles of the comic code and usher a new era of darker, grittier graphic novels. 

Miller also wrote the extremely popular 300 and Sin City stories, both of which were turned into popular movies. He's known for his dark, unflinching material and never shies away from blood and gore. Below is a list of some of the most violent Frank Miller graphic novels and all the gory, brutal moments that have occurred in them. So take a look below and remember to vote for the goriest moments in Frank Miller graphic novels you like best. 

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    A Nuclear Bomb Turns Superman Into a Withered Husk

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    Superman stands for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. He represents all that is good and inspires people to live better lives. This makes it especially jarring for readers when he gets reduced to a withered husk in The Dark Knight Returns. While trying to prevent a nuclear war, Superman receives the brunt of a full-on nuclear blast. And the results don't look very pretty. His body basically becomes crumpled-up newspaper. The image makes it appear that the organs inside him evaporated, leaving only an empty skin suit. 

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    A Deranged Dick Grayson Falls Into a Volcano

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    The Dark Knight Strikes Again has many mysteries, including the identity of the insane Joker Impersonator who the heroes have a very hard time defeating. In the end, readers discover that Dick Grayson, the first Robin, has taken up this new identity. To end him once and for all, Batman drops him in a long dormant volcano deep underneath the Bat Cave. Grayson's epic death remains one of Miller's goriest.

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    Everyone Superman Has Ever Cared For Gets Atomized

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    In a lot of comic books, cities get completely destroyed. To make things right again, writers will employ some kind of magic that makes everything OK in the end. You can't just wipe out an entire city of people right? Well, Frank Miller can. In the Dark Knight Strikes Again, Brainiac and Lex Luthor wipe out Metropolis, vaporizing everyone Superman has ever cared for, including Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, and Lois Lane. As you can imagine, this makes the Big Blue Boy Scout a tad angry and he sets out to get his very gory revenge. 

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    The Joker Kills an Entire Studio Audience

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    One of the biggest rules in the DC Universe: stay as far away from the Joker as possible. After years of mayhem and destruction, people still don't understand that rule in The Dark Knight Returns. After Batman comes out of retirement, the Joker awakens from his catatonic state and declares himself a changed man. He acts so calm and reformed that he gets himself a television appearance. Big mistake. The Joker uses this opportunity to kill everyone with poisonous gas and makes his grand escape. 

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