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The Goriest, Most Brutal Moments in Frank Miller's Graphic Novels

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Frank Miller is often heralded as one of the most influential voices in comics ever. He wrote the groundbreaking The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel, which is praised as one of the best Batman stories ever - a graphic novel that helped break the old shackles of the comic code and usher a new era of darker, grittier graphic novels. 

Miller also wrote the extremely popular 300 and Sin City stories, both of which were turned into popular movies. He's known for his dark, unflinching material and never shies away from blood and gore. Below is a list of some of the most violent Frank Miller graphic novels and all the gory, brutal moments that have occurred in them. So take a look below and remember to vote for the goriest moments in Frank Miller graphic novels you like best. 

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    The Joker Makes Someone Eat His Own Fingers

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    When the Joker starts talking, wise characters know not to listen. He has a knack for persuasion, especially when it comes to the weak-minded. In the The Last Crusade, a prequel to The Dark Knight Returns, Miller explores the Joker's twisted nature when he reveals an inmate at Arkham has eaten his own fingers at the Joker's request. And the violence doesn't stop there. The inmate keeps saying that he wants to eat more of himself because he tasted so delicious. Yum!

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    The Joker Breaks His Own Neck

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    One of the best portrayals of the complicated Batman/Joker relationship comes from Miller's groundbreaking The Dark Knight Returns. Batman comes out of retirement after years of sitting idle so he can save Gotham one last time. In the process he awakens the Joker from a nearly catatonic state, and they face off one last time. Their battle ends with both Batman and the Joker injured and the police closing in. To get the final laugh, the Joker breaks his own neck while cackling like a maniac. His twisted last act works, as the police then see Batman as a threat that needs stopping. 

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    Kevin the Cannibal Gets What's Coming to Him

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    Perhaps one of the creepiest villains Frank Miller ever put to page was Kevin the Cannibal. Appearing in Sin City: The Hard Goodbye, Kevin remains silent throughout the story, and it somehow makes him even more unsettling. Kevin moves silently and uses his sharp fingernails to gouge the eyes of his victims. But that doesn't prevent him from meeting a gory end. Marv cuts off all of his limbs and lets animals devour the mess that's left. Creepy until the very end, Kevin remains silent throughout his death. He only smiles. 

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    Batman Cheers as Lex Luthor gets Beaten to Death

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    Don't mess with crazy Hawk people. Lex Luthor found that out the hard way. In one of the final scenes of The Dark Knight Strikes Again. Batman takes a horrific and gory beating from Lex Luthor, but it turns out Batman planned the whole thing as a way of distracting him. When the time comes, a vengeful Hawkboy sets the trap for the bald egomaniac. He beats Luthor to death while a very bloody Batman cheers from the sideline. 

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