The 15 Most Insanely Gory Moments In Image Comics History

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Right out of the gate, Image Comics differentiated themselves from the big two in the comic book community by ramping up the sex, violence, and gore to absurd levels. For every hilarious moment in Deadpool is an equally bloody moment in Image Comics. As the company continues its mission of releasing interesting work by independent artists, the gore has steadily increased in both shock value and aesthetics. The panels you’re about to see aren’t for the faint of heart, so make sure your mom isn’t in the room.

Gruesome comic scenes are more than simple drawings of fingers glued to construction paper or a guy being stabbed to death in the shower. Like the most gory moments in Marvel comics, brutal scenes in Image Comics slowly register in your mind before you realize that you're looking at a horrifying piece of art. The illustrative prowess that’s on display in this collection of bloody moments proves just how vital the independent comic scene is to the world today. Enjoy these gruesome Image Comics panels and vote up the bloodiest ones that are forever engrained in your memory.