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The 15 Most Insanely Gory Moments In Image Comics History

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Right out of the gate, Image Comics differentiated themselves from the big two in the comic book community by ramping up the sex, violence, and gore to absurd levels. For every hilarious moment in Deadpool is an equally bloody moment in Image Comics. As the company continues its mission of releasing interesting work by independent artists, the gore has steadily increased in both shock value and aesthetics. The panels you’re about to see aren’t for the faint of heart, so make sure your mom isn’t in the room.

Gruesome comic scenes are more than simple drawings of fingers glued to construction paper or a guy being stabbed to death in the shower. Like the most gory moments in Marvel comics, brutal scenes in Image Comics slowly register in your mind before you realize that you're looking at a horrifying piece of art. The illustrative prowess that’s on display in this collection of bloody moments proves just how vital the independent comic scene is to the world today. Enjoy these gruesome Image Comics panels and vote up the bloodiest ones that are forever engrained in your memory. 

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    Invincible Headbutts A Guy To Mush

    If Robert Kirkman is writing a comic, then you can rest assured that someone is getting their head smashed in. The man has a singular obsession with watching heads get bashed. In a nutshell, Invincible is about a guy with super powers who is sworn to protect earth. When Invincible fights an evil alien named Conquest, the creature seemingly kills Invincible's girlfriend, so Invincible bashes in Conquest's head until he's a disgusting mushy pulp. 

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    These Head Messes In Fatale

    If you like cthulu-esque gods, spooky cults, and a dark comic with a noir sensibility, then you need to read Fatale. The comic opens up with someone discovering a grisly set of mutilations in an old house that grows more disgusting the higher they go in the building. At some point, you've got to know when to stop walking up the stairs. 

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    Negan Beats Glen To Death

    Issue 100 of The Walking Dead featured one of the most brutal and surprising deaths of a series that's made up of brutal and surprising deaths. Rick had his hand cut off, Carl had his eye shot out, and so many chompy boys were blown apart, but Glen's death was still a lot to handle. The frame by frame beatdown that Negan gives Glen feels like an exercise in forcing the audience to confront the violence that they come back for month after month. 

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    Outcast Shows The True Horror Of Someone Biting Off Your Tongue

    Outcast is about a guy surrounded by possessed people, and it's the one Robert Kirkman comic where someone doesn't get their head bashed in. Instead, you get to see a police detective become possessed and bite his wife's tongue off. It's good to see Kirkman branching out. 

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