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The 15 Most Disturbingly Gory Moments In DC History

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They say "when it bleeds, it reads" and comic books are no exception. However, for a superhero comic publisher that's frequently aimed at younger readers, there sure is a lot of gore in DC Comics. While it usually isn't as visceral as Vertigo or other mature publishers, there certainly are a great number of violent DC Comics moments.

Remember when Black Adam poked a man's eyes out? Or when Animal ripped a wolf asunder? Or one of the several gory comics that featured the Joker maiming a victim or himself? Take a violent look down memory lane at this list of some the goriest moments in DC comics.

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    Joker Cuts His Own Face Off (Then Wears It Like A Mask)

    Photo: DC Comics

    In Detective Comics "Faces of Death" and Batman "Death of the Family," Joker had his face sliced off for reasons that were never fully explained. He would then take his flappy face skin and staple it onto his head or strap it on as a mask. While Joker would commit some disturbing and gory acts of violence against his victims, this is easily the most brutal thing he's ever done to himself.

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    Joker Skinned A Man Alive

    Photo: DC Comics

    In Brian Azzarello's The Joker story, Azzarello included a scene at a strip club that was more than skin deep. Joker took a former lackey and current strip club owner, Monty, and skinned him alive from the neck down. Joker then asked Monty to do a striptease dance for the crowd. 

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    Superman Plunges His Arm Straight Through The Joker

    Photo: DC Comics

    In the Injustice: Gods Among Us series, Superman is taken to the brink of sanity when the Joker set off a nuclear bomb in Metropolis and tricked him into killing his wife, Lois Lane, and his unborn son. It was the perfect storm that would turn the wholesome Man of Steel into a killer. Superman took his revenge on the Joker by punching through his chest.

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    Joker Beats Robin To Death With A Crowbar

    Photo: DC Comics

    In one the earliest, better-known acts of violence within DC Comics, Joker repeatedly hit Robin with a crowbar in the storied Batman: A Death in the Family. While the sickening thuds and whip-like strikes from the Joker are violent enough, that's not the worst part. The worst is that the fans participated in a call-in contest to vote on whether or Robin would survive the encounter. When the dust settled, the fans voted that the Boy Wonder would be a Boy Corpse.