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15 Creatively Gory Moments in the Sin City Comics and Graphic Novels

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If you walk down the wrong (or right, depending on how you look at it) back alley in Sin City, you can find anything. A dismembered body part. A few gallons of blood and guts. Frank Miller's signature series isn't just a grandiose homage to the film noir and hard-boiled crime genres, it's also one of the most creatively gory comics of all time. You're probably thinking, "So what? There are so many gory Frank Miller comics." And it's true; the guy inks his pages like Jackson Pollock painting with blood. But it's the imagination in the most violent Sin City scenes that truly sets the series apart.

Released between 1991 and 1992, the first thirteen installments, The Hard Goodbye, kicked off years of gory Sin City comics and violent graphic novels. From exploding heads to dismembered "members," these are the goriest moments in Sin City comic books.

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    Marv Feeds Kevin to His Own Pet Wolf

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    For the penultimate murder in his Sin City-wide rampage, Marv catches Kevin the Cannibal with a pair of handcuffs. Then he semi-surgically removes Kevin's limbs and uses them as appetizers for Kevin's man-eating wolf. Kevin's spookily silent quadriplegic corpus is the main course. It's gory, but thanks to medical tubing and Marv's mitts, it's relatively tidy.

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    Lucille's Hand

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    When Marv gets locked up with Lucille in Kevin's dungeon, she keeps her cool for a moment before revealing that her hand is now a stump (courtesy of cannibalism). Wrapped in bandages, the goriest aspects come through her description of being made to watch Kevin suck the meat off of her fingers.

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    Kevin's Wall of Decapitated Prostitute Heads

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    Kevin decorates his man cave with the faces of beautiful women, which is totally normal, except his man cave is a dungeon, and the faces are more like whole heads that aren't attached to bodies anymore because Kevin ate said bodies. So really, it's not normal at all.

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    Whatever Marv Did to Cardinal Roark

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    Marv's narration doesn't say what he does to Cardinal Roark, but he does mention that it's very, very bad. We get to see one panel where Marv's face is drenched in blood, and the Cardinal's fingers are pointed in the wrong directions. It safe to say Marv did more than just pop the corrupt clergyman's knuckles.

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