Good Gospel Songs for Funerals

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Funerals are emotional affairs. Someone has left this world, and left others grieving their loss. When planning memorials, many people will choose to incorporate music to honor their loved ones, especially gospel melodies. There are a number of good gospel songs for funerals. If you’re in need, you may find the right choice on this list.

Gospel music for funerals, homegoings, or celebrations of life – whatever the term used – is a meaningful and traditional choice. Many of these gospel memorial songs are hundreds of years old, passed down as prayers which became hymns. The right gospel songs for a funeral can help those in attendance find comfort, healing, and peace.

This list of gospel songs for a memorial includes come classic songs and hymns, along with a few contemporary selections as well. Some gospel for a funeral is made for a gospel choir to sing; others are strictly solo. Take a listen, and vote your choices for favorite gospel hymns for a funeral up to the top of the list. You can also add any meaningful music that is missing.

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